The first issue of our e-book series deals with neuroscience and gives different perspectives on what the research results mean for corporate learning. 

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The second issue will deal with new technologies in learning and their impact and applicability. 

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Get a glimpse of the media we use in the e-book. Some of them were created by ourselves, others come from different sources.

How neurites grow
brain with Alzheimer's


Read about the authors and editors of the current issue.

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The editors in charge, Wolfgang Reichelt and Nigel Paine, have joined forces with Martin Couzins and Roisin Woolnough for the neuroscience issue of learning insights. They have more than 30 years of experience in journalism and publishing and run the communications agency itsdevelopmental.

Martin Couzins
Roisin Woolnough

E-Book Neuroscience: Introduction

Some of the events that occur during our professional lives can leave a deep and lasting impression. This is what happened with Nigel Paine and me. We first met at a time when educationalists of all persuasions in Germany were still engaged in heated discussion about whether it would ever be worth working with computers and digital media in a learning context.

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Table of contents

0: Foreword

1: Why is neuroscience in learning a big topic now?

2: What is the relevance for corporate learning?

3: Should corporate learning take notice of this nor or wait until the research is more conclusive?

4: Does this research relate to other models of how we learn?

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Learning insights

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Learning Insights is a series of e-books which focuses on corporate learning in the digital era. It is created and edited by DEKRA Media, a publishing house and media agency based in Mönchengladbach, Germany. 

The editors, Wolfgang Reichelt and Nigel Paine, aim to introduce their readers to interesting developments in corporate learnings and give a roadmap to understanding and making use of new trends and findings.

Human knowledge and insights - be it into learning or other issues - are constantly evolving. We consider these books as subjective snapshots in time, not as the definite truth. This is why we value your feedback and contributions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.