Learning insights

Learning Insights is a series of e-books which focuses on corporate learning in the digital era. It is created and edited by DEKRA Media, a publishing house and media agency based in Mönchengladbach, Germany. 

The editors, Wolfgang Reichelt and Nigel Paine, aim to introduce their readers to interesting developments in corporate learnings and give a roadmap to understanding and making use of new trends and findings.

Two e-books a year will be published and deal with current issues of corporate learning. Each book will focus on relevant trends and developments and give insights from different perspectives. A prominent feature will be the included media – videos, graphics and plenty of links to external sources that expand on the topics in question. The e-books are meant to be an introduction into their respective fields, which is why each of them will feature lists of recommended books, blogs and twitter accounts. To create a hands-on reading experience, we include checklists and useful bullet lists.

The e-books are in mobi and epub format to be read on Kindle and other e-book readers. You can also download a PDF to read the book on virtually every electronic device.

Human knowledge and insights - be it into learning or other issues - are constantly evolving. We consider these books as subjective snapshots in time, not as the definite truth. This is why we value your feedback and contributions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.