Interview mit David James

Nigel Paine spricht mit David James, dem Chief Learning Strategist für die Lernplattform Looop. In dem Interview geht es um die Projektmanagementmethoden Lean und Agile, ihre Anwendung und erste Schritte zur Implementierung im Unternehmen.

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Video mit Genehmigung von Learning Now TV


Nigel Paine
About The Author
- Nigel Paine is a great communicator and profound thinker about what makes contemporary workspaces tick and what businesses need to do to survive in the C21st. He specialises in developing leaders; building learning organisations; getting the best out of staff; and developing strategies for retention and development of key people within organisations. He is a coach, mentor, writer, broadcaster and keynote speaker of international acclaim. He is currently working in Europe, Brazil, the US and Australia on a variety of assignments, that hinge around making work more creative, innovative and aspirational; and making workplaces more conversational, team-based and knowledge sharing.

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