Wie künstliche Intelligenz das Lernen beeinflusst

Vom Chatbot bis zur Gesichtserkennung – künstliche Intelligenz, kurz KI, findet in immer mehr Bereichen des Alltags Anwendung. Auch und vor allem in der Bildung ergeben sich daraus viele neue Fragen. Dr. Lutz Michel vom mmb Institut fasst aktuelle Entwicklungsformen von KI zusammen und überprüft, ob KI die Art, wie wir lernen, verändert.

Mehr über das mmb Institut: https://www.mmb-institut.de/


Lutz Michel
About The Author
- Lutz P. Michel studied Slavonic linguistics, journalism and sociology at Münster University and earned his doctorate with a thesis on Russian literature and history of newspapers in 1980. For ten years, he was a research fellow at the university’s journalism institute and also taught at other public and private universities. He has been working in the field of applied media research since 1990, among others as managing director of infas Medienforschung GmbH, Bonn. In 1996, he founded the private research institute MMB – Michel Medienforschung und Beratung (today: mmb Institut GmbH), located in Essen and Berlin. He was the founder and long-term board chairman of the German e-learning network D-ELAN e. V and executive spokesman of the BITKOM work group Learning Solutions.


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