Learning location cooperation in vocational training

Germany’s “dual“ education system is internationally renowned. Its main feature is the cooperation of different training locations: company, vocational school, and
intercorporate training centers. If the different learning Lernbaustein Lernortkooperationlocations cooperate well, this creates a link between theory and practice and helps teachers and tutors to keep track of the trainees’ progress and possible difficulties. But a successful cooperation does not appear spontaneously, but has to be actively promoted by the parties involved. For this reason, we at DEKRA Media have developed a multi-media training on the topic of learning location cooperation on behalf of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB).

There are still many cases where companies and vocational schools act on their own without any significant overlap. Even so, most trainees complete their apprenticeship successfully. But in my opinion, there are many factors at play that indicate that a more active cooperation might be useful in the future. These are, among others:

  • a decreasing number of apprentices
  • increasingly heterogeneous target groups
  • closer incorporation of apprentices in the value creation process
  • new professional knowledge and hew technologies

Learning location cooperation can – by providing joint training for training instructors and teachers – create structures for communication that secure the quality of apprenticeship in the long run. For teachers, particularly in commercial and technical jobs, it becomes more and more important to partake in the technical innovations that happen in companies.

Our multi-media training does not only address the causes why cooperation ist necessary, but also the legal basics and different ways in which learning locations can cooperate. Additionally, it shows many best practices and real-life examples.

Our training can be accessed on the vocational training community www.foraus.de: Lernortkooperation in der Beruflichen Bildung 


Learning location cooperation in vocational training

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About The Author
- Wolfgang Reichelt is the managing director of DEKRA Media GmbH, a subsidiary of DEKRA SE, and member of the board of DEKRA Akademie Group. He has been developing CBT (computer-based trainings) since the mid-80s and WBT (web-based trainings) and virtual training environments since the 1990s. He has also developed and done research on online knowledge communities. The results of his research and development work has been documented in numerous studies and other publications.

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