Training by means of webcasts

No time, no money, not interested: around 15 per cent of German companies do not offer training and development measures to their employees. So-called webcasts, which are essentially video reportages made available to the employees on the internet or the intranet, are among the media formats that have the potential to change this situation. We have tested, developed and optimized this format during a pilot project on behalf of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB).

I find webcasts so interesting because they represent a compact, low-threshold way of occupational learning that can help to increase the general willingness to participate in further training. A good webcast tells a story – a story that motivates the viewers and stays with them. Compared to conventional forms of training, webcasts save costs and time, and they also allow companies to preserve and share knowledge.

The webcasts which we have developed during the pilot project are 12 to 15 minutes long and structured like a documentary or a video report. To achieve this, we combined several video techniques – animated and live-action – and thus succeeded in creating an engaging and modern product. During the next few years there will be several more webcasts, all published on Germany’s biggest online community for vocational training.

You can watch one of our web casts here (in German): Lernortkooperation und digitaler Wandel im Tischlerhandwerk


Training by means of webcasts

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About The Author
- Wolfgang Reichelt is the managing director of DEKRA Media GmbH, a subsidiary of DEKRA SE, and member of the board of DEKRA Akademie Group. He has been developing CBT (computer-based trainings) since the mid-80s and WBT (web-based trainings) and virtual training environments since the 1990s. He has also developed and done research on online knowledge communities. The results of his research and development work has been documented in numerous studies and other publications.

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