BiBB Congress 2018

It is a great pleasure to me to announce that I will give a speech at the upcoming BiBB congress (7/8 June in Berlin).

In my half-hour talk I will share my thoughts and ideas on the „Development of occupational teaching and learning with digital media“. This year’s BiBB congress is dedicated among others to progressing digitalisation of the workplace and accordingly the challenges within occupational training.
I will give my talk at 10:30 AM on the second event day as a part of Forum II „Learning venues with a future“, thematic block „Teaching and learning in the age of digitalisation“. Interested visitors are very welcome!


BiBB Congress 2018

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About The Author
- Wolfgang Reichelt is the managing director of DEKRA Media GmbH, a subsidiary of DEKRA SE, and member of the board of DEKRA Akademie Group. He has been developing CBT (computer-based trainings) since the mid-80s and WBT (web-based trainings) and virtual training environments since the 1990s. He has also developed and done research on online knowledge communities. The results of his research and development work has been documented in numerous studies and other publications.

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