German e-learning providers continue to register high growth in turnover

Once again, the mmb institute has collected the most important figures in its annual analysis of the market development in the young e-learning sector. The key findings in the tenth issue of the analysis are about the development of the e-learning providers’ turnover. They show a growth of 8.5 percent in turnover for the most recent period of measurement (2015 to 2016) which proves that the e-learning sector grows much faster than the rest of the German economy which registered 1.9 percent growth in the same period.

Figure: development of turnover in Germany’s e-learning sector (previous year to following year within one measuring period)

The job market for e-learning professionals is in constant good shape as well. Numbers for permanent employment have been almost 17 percent higher than in the previous year. This represents a two-digit percental growth for the e-learning professional job market for the third time in a row.

Figure: Development of numbers of permanently employed professionals in the German e-learning sector (previous year to following year within one measuring period)

Specialists for software development and implementation of e-learning solutions make up a significant number in the sector: around 15 percent of all permanent employees in e-learning have this profile. Clearly behind rank jobs like conception, design/animation and screenwriting/editing with less than 10 percent of employees each. The triangle informatics – media design – content forms the professional core of the e-learning economy.

Another important finding in the sector monitor is about business models. According to the most recent analysis, e-learning providers offer about three quarters of their products custom-made. A mere 26 percent of e-learning products and services are off-the-shelf solutions which tend to be less expensive.

By and large it can be said that the e-learning market is still shaped by small and medium-sized companies. SAP Education and the tts GmbH (also from the sphere of SAP) lead the current ranking with a turnover of more than 20 million euros each and a staff of 170 to 250. The average e-learning company has 25 employees and an annual turnover of 3 million euros.


German e-learning providers continue to register high growth in turnover

About The Author
- Dr. Lutz P. Michel studied Slavonic linguistics, journalism and sociology at Münster University and earned his doctorate with a thesis on Russian literature and history of newspapers in 1980. For ten years, he was a research fellow at the university’s journalism institute and also taught at other public and private universities. He has been working in the field of applied media research since 1990, among others as managing director of infas Medienforschung GmbH, Bonn. In 1996, he founded the private research institute MMB – Michel Medienforschung und Beratung (today: mmb Institut GmbH), located in Essen and Berlin. He was the founder and long-term board chairman of the German e-learning network D-ELAN e. V and executive spokesman of the BITKOM work group Learning Solutions.

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