New Webcast for the Federal Institute for Vocational Education

Blisteringly fast texting and impeccable selfie taking – almost all adolescents today have mastered certain smartphone skills. But having to create a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint or having to build staff planning schedules in Microsoft Excel makes many apprentices sweat. How can this be changed?

This is the topic of our latest short documentary “Communication of basic computer skills to improve media literacy in vocational education”, produced by us on behalf of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education (BIBB). The video explains what the buzzword “media literacy” really means and how basic computer skills, which are increasingly indispensable, can be taught during vocational training in a systematic way.

The video follows the concept of popular documentaries and television reportages. We combined different video styles, in patricular live-action, animation, presentations and statements. The documentary is part of a series targeted at training staff in companies and schools.

Our goal with these videos is to inform training staff about new developments in vocational training. We hope that they also serve to encourage them to implement their own innovative and practically relevant training projects. The complete webcast can be found on, Germany’s largest online community for training staff:

Link to video (German only): Vermittlung von Computerbasiswissen zur Förderung von Medienkompetenz in der Ausbildung


New Webcast for the Federal Institute for Vocational Education

Wolfgang Reichelt
About The Author
- Wolfgang Reichelt is the managing director of DEKRA Media GmbH, a subsidiary of DEKRA SE, and member of the board of DEKRA Akademie Group. He has been developing CBT (computer-based trainings) since the mid-80s and WBT (web-based trainings) and virtual training environments since the 1990s. He has also developed and done research on online knowledge communities. The results of his research and development work has been documented in numerous studies and other publications.


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