Research and development project ‘blink‘ successfully completed

On the 23th of May 2019 and after three years of project duration the responsible ‘blink‘ team has now drawn their conclusion at the closing conference.

The abbreviation ‘blink‘ stands in for ‘berufsbezogen lernen inklusiv‘ – German for ‘inclusive occupational learning‘. DEKRA Media, the mmb Institute and the IMBSE GmbH have conceptualised and executed the project which has been funded with support from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the European Social Fund (ESF).

Its goal has been to develop media-based educational opportunities particularly for less privileged youths who undergo an apprenticeship as Plant Mechanics for HVAC and Sanitary Engineering. Thereby, a concept of assisted vocational training that combines self-directed learning with social learning and coaching in a virtual classroom has been created. This offers the chance to both professionally and socio-educationally advance individual learning-impaired youths.

Practically, the project has been realised by using two distinct media solutions: ‘TriCAT Spaces‘ and the learning and exam preparation tool which DEKRA Media has developed specifically for the ‘blink‘-project and which will be marketed under the brand ‘DEKRA Memorate‘ in the near future. With ‘TriCAT Spaces‘, the learning process can be moved to a virtual world and complex issues can easily be visualised using 3D-models. „DEKRA Memorate“, on the other hand, is a digital flashcard system for which the developers have expanded traditional analogue flashcard systems with multimedia components.

According to mmb founder Dr. Lutz Michel, apprentices have accepted both tools exceptionally well. The project managers see a substantial reason for this in the youths’ high to very high media competence. The possibility of using the flashcards on mobile devices has also tremendously increased their acceptance among apprentices. In the final poll of the mmb Institute, two thirds of the interviewees have rated the programme ‘good‘ or ‘very good‘.


For more information, please have a look at the PDF report (German only): blink_closing-conference

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Research and development project ‘blink‘ successfully completed

Peter Littig
About The Author
- Dr. Peter Littig, born 1948, is a mathematician, physicist and educational scientist. He used to teach at public and private schools and has been working in adult education since 1984. He was trainer, consultant and head of department at Control Data Institut. From 1995 on, he was head of education at DEKRA Akademie GmbH. He is now retired, but still serves as advisor on educational policy to the board of directors.He has published numerous papers and books on further education, human resource development and digitization in learning and training.


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