In June – as punctual as in previous years – the new DEKRA labour market report was released, again showcasing some surprising results.

In the past months, the global economic development has slowed down a bit. For many businesses, the great optimism of the previous years has vanished. In addition, the latest projections of economists make companies look ahead a bit more pessimistically than we were used to until recently.

In view of this, we were very curious to see if and how the actual as well as the perceived economic trend has affected the results of the DEKRA labour market report 2019.

Without giving away too much already: we could not find any serious negative consequences. The need for personnel remains high and the search for qualified employees increasingly burdens the work in numerous industries and fields.

Concerning the demand for skilled workers, technicians and IT-experts still stand in the spotlight, but so do state-examined caregivers and sales representatives. Engineers, however, are no longer part of the top ten careers. This is a first since we started producing the DEKRA labour market report in its current form – and after all, the present report is already the twelfth issue.

In the current report – as in previous editions – we used the scope of an additional deep analysis to investigate two professions or fields of work in more detail, namely

  • software developers and
  • professional drivers.

We chose these two occupational groups, because software developers are almost symbolic for the rapid development of the digitisation in many fields and because professional drivers, despite all the euphoria for the digitisation, are integral to our economy.

In a brief addendum, we interviewed several HR managers from the retail sector about how the digitisation affects their business and in particular corporate learning.

In this year, too, experts such as Wolfgang Frankl from Infineon, Martin Birkle from Schuon and Mike Metzger from dm-drogerie markt enhance the report with their statements. Our special thanks goes to them for their assessment of the current developments in the working world and the look behind the scenes of their businesses.

If I was able to arouse your curiosity for the DEKRA labour market report, you can download the report for free on Beforehand, you can also get some brief insight in our new video.


DEKRA Labour market report 2019 released

About The Author
- Dr. Peter Littig, born 1948, is a mathematician, physicist and educational scientist. He used to teach at public and private schools and has been working in adult education since 1984. He was trainer, consultant and head of department at Control Data Institut. From 1995 on, he was head of education at DEKRA Akademie GmbH. He is now retired, but still serves as advisor on educational policy to the board of directors.He has published numerous papers and books on further education, human resource development and digitization in learning and training.

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