In September of last year, the first “Lernstatt” conference „HAUSBAU” took place as part of the project vierpunkteins, for which we have now produced a short documentary film.

Goal of the project vierpunkteins is to build a transfer network that advances the digitisation in the field of construction. This is because an enormous backlog demand has developed over the years. Digital opportunities are rarely utilized in full. But what are the reasons for this backlog?

According to a study of the Institut für Mittelstandsforschung, which analyses small and medium-sized enterprises, there is a lack of digital know-how. This is exactly where vierpunkteins comes into play. Pilot programmes, consulting services and strategic cooperation of learning locations are meant to advance the digital learning in vocational training and further education. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and and by the European Social Fund. Project sponsor is the DLR Project Management Agency.

The project began with a multiplier training during which the affiliated partners – the IMBSE GmbH, the educational builder’s yard (Lehrbauhof) Berlin, the entrepreneurs association Mecklenburg-Schwerin e.V. and the educational centre for manual crafts (Bildungszentrum Handwerk) Duisburg – learned about the many possibilities of digital learning at DEKRA Media. Afterwards, they started searching for members for their respective regional clusters. After all, it is the transfer of knowledge that vierpunkteins strives for. This requires the right partners for conversation.

Half a year later, the time had finally come: the first Lernstatt “(H)AUSBAU” was held in Berlin. Here, the partners of the regional clusters were able to deal in depth with the topic of “digitised vocational training” and also exchange information for the first time across regions. Besides exciting lectures, workshops and the latest technologies of digital learning, the Lernstatt also offered the right platform to work on joint strategies for the future. How exactly that went and what else visitors could experience can now be seen in our short documentary (German only). Enjoy!


Documentary on the „Lernstatt“ conference (H)AUSBAU vierpunkteins

About The Author
- Wolfgang Reichelt is the managing director of DEKRA Media GmbH, a subsidiary of DEKRA SE, and member of the board of DEKRA Akademie Group. He has been developing CBT (computer-based trainings) since the mid-80s and WBT (web-based trainings) and virtual training environments since the 1990s. He has also developed and done research on online knowledge communities. The results of his research and development work has been documented in numerous studies and other publications.

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