How does ensuring qualified specialists work for big businesses?

In times of digital change, the lack of qualified software developers presents many businesses with great challenges.
In conversation with Learning Insights, Andreas Strutz, head of the lean academy group of the Volkswagen academy, presents with which new methods for example Volkswagen is now trying to attract and qualify new skilled workers.

Additonal infos on the project „Fakultät 73“ (faculty 73): (German only)

English subtitles are available by clicking on the CC symbol in the player (next to the volume control).


Peter Littig
About The Author
- Dr. Peter Littig, born 1948, is a mathematician, physicist and educational scientist. He used to teach at public and private schools and has been working in adult education since 1984. He was trainer, consultant and head of department at Control Data Institut. From 1995 on, he was head of education at DEKRA Akademie GmbH. He is now retired, but still serves as advisor on educational policy to the board of directors.He has published numerous papers and books on further education, human resource development and digitization in learning and training.


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