Latest issue of “Trends in Further Training” published by Wuppertaler Kreis

The Wuppertaler Kreis e.V. – Federal Association for Training and Development is the association of leading suppliers of further training. More than 1.3 million professionals and business leaders have taken part in its training events in 2019.

As in the previous years, the Wuppertaler Kreis has once more published its study “Trends in Further training” to inform about current developments on the market for professional training and development. Naturally, the effects of the COVID-19 on the training sector are reflected in the study’s results.

Among others, “Trends in Further Training” of the year 2020 shows that:

  • The legal restrictions put in place to contain COVID-19 have had – and still have – major effects on the economic development of training suppliers
  • Digitisation continues to be a prominent driver of development in the corporate world, which leads to a great need for training and qualification
  • The pandemic keeps driving the digital transformation of training and development further, so that we can expect a greater focus on digital training solutions and combinations of digital and classroom training in the future.
  • The members of the Wuppertaler Kreis appreciate the existing diversity of learning and knowledge platforms and object to centralisation in the form of a state-run platform as suggested by politicians


Training suppliers opinion on the future importance of digital innovations in corporate training. Source: Wuppertaler Kreis e.V.

The new study “Trends in Further Training“ – just like previous issues – offers a highly topical and authentic insight into the training sector and presents developments and trends in an accessible way.

A synoptic press release as well as the complete results of the survey “Trends in Further Training” can be downloaded on the website of the Wuppertaler Kreis for free (German only):


Latest issue of “Trends in Further Training” published by Wuppertaler Kreis

About The Author
- Dr. Peter Littig, born 1948, is a mathematician, physicist and educational scientist. He used to teach at public and private schools and has been working in adult education since 1984. He was trainer, consultant and head of department at Control Data Institut. From 1995 on, he was head of education at DEKRA Akademie GmbH. He is now retired, but still serves as advisor on educational policy to the board of directors.He has published numerous papers and books on further education, human resource development and digitization in learning and training.

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